I am indebted to a number of musicians who I am connected to directly or indirectly because it is their music that made me the musician of the Hungarian folk.
I owe all of them a debt of gratitude.




Folk Music

Csaba Ökrös with Téka Ensemble

Wildflowers (2009. Foundation of Téka)

Ökrös Ensemble

"So it goes..." (2006. Gryllus Kft., Hungary)

I left my sweet homeland (2000. ABT)

Bonchida, Times Three (1998. ABT, Hungary)

I Never Knew How To Grieve (Zoltán Kallós ans Ökrös Ensemble, 1997. Fonó)'

"Don't Bend Your Steps Towards Any Foreign Land..." (Zoltán Kallós with Ökrös and Téka Ensembles, 1997. Fonó)

Sándor Fodor Neti - Transylvanian Folk Music (with Ökrös Ensemble, 1996. ABT)

Sándor Fodor Neti - Transylvanian Music from Kalotaszeg (with Ökrös Ensemble, 1996. ABT)

Hyppoglassus, Hyppoglassus (1994, Dave Feeney, USA)

Wreath (Folk music from Transylvania, 1994. Sonophil)

Transylvanian Portraits (1992. Koch Int.)

New Style Ensemble

New style (1982. LP, Forrás Records, Boston)


Ancient Music

Hegedős Ensemble

Hey, Stars of Kuruc (2004, Honvéd Dance Theatre)

with Kobza Vajk

Ancient Dance ( 2003. Pro Musica)


World Music

with Miqueu Montanaro

Vents D’Est (1997. France Musique)


Dobogó Kő Group

I don't want a Labanc country (2006. Hangvető)
Dobogó Kő I. (2004. Hangvető)