I am indebted to a number of musicians who I am connected to directly or indirectly because it is their music that made me the musician of the Hungarian folk.
I owe all of them a debt of gratitude.




From the September of 2010: The Liszt Academy of Music - studying in Folk Music Department (Master's Degree). As a special interest, he has been studying baroque music as well, using original technique and instrument.

From the September of 2007 (Folk Music Department was founded in this year!): The Liszt Academy of Music - studying in Folk Music Department (Bachelor's Degree)

2003-2005: Union of Art Students of Miskolc Nagy Lajos Király Private University Faculty of Humanities, specialized in folk music and Hungarian Studies MA in Folk Music and Folk Musician

1979-1981: Ho Si Minh Teacher´s Training College, Eger Specialized in music and singing and history

1974-1978: Piarista Secondary Grammar School, Sátoraljaújhely

1968-1974: Primary school, Jászberény, specialized in music and singing



The musician

2007-2011: He is a member of TÉKA Ensemble

2003-2007: Honvéd Dance Theatre - primate and editor

1986: Foundation of Ökrös Ensemble, popularization of Hungarian folk music in Hungary and abroad . Their masters were Sándor Fodor Neti, Zoltán Kallós, Aladár Csiszár. They had many musician guests who are specialzed performance in folk music, like András Berecz, Zoltán Juhász, Kálmán Balogh, Márta Sebestyén, Ági Szalóki .

1982-1985: Hungarian State Folk Ensemble with the leading of Tímár Sándor

1976: Starting to deal with folk music. Recording instrumental folk music with the guidance and help of Zoltán Kallós in Transylvania

1969: Starting to study playing the violin


The teacher

From 2009 September: Teaching playing the violin at the Liszt Academy of Music - Folk Music Department

2006-2008: Teaching playing the violin in the Basic Level Art School of Szigetmonostor

2005-2008: Teaching playing the violin at the Vujicsics Tihamér Music School in Szentendre

1988-1999: Teaching playing the violin at Hungarian Folk Music School in Óbuda

1986-1987: Teaching Hungarian folk music and playing the violin at the University MIT in Boston


The composer

2010 April: Composer in the play "Barocco Rustico" performanced by Duna Dance Theatre, directed by Zsolt Juhász

2008 February: He is the composer of the movie "Legend of Hortobágy", directed by László Vitézy.

2006: Fulfilling important tasks as a primate and editor in the show of "Dance Master" by Honvéd Dance Theatre, directed by Jolán Foltyn

The summer of 2006: - Introducing as composer of classical music in Budapest

The summer of 2005: Contributing as a stage composer in the play "The Decline of the Red Star" by Albert Wass in the cave theatre of P¡l¡sszántó



2010: Perth, Australia with Téka Ensemble

2006: Csaba Ökrös as a musician and a composer, (Csaba Ökrös and his friends, Fonó Music House, Budapest)

2002: Symphonic Orchestra of Oregon (Ökrös Ensemble)

2001: Theatre de la Ville, Paris ; Symphonic Orchestra of Texas(Ökrös E.)

1999: Symphonic Orchestra of Philadelphia (Ökrös E.)

1998: Symphonic Orchestra of Brooklyn and Symphonic Orchestra of Miami (Ökrös E.)



2008: Composer's Award, Szentendre, Hungary

2007: Kodály Prize, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the death of Zoltán Kodály At the delivery my piece composed for the anniversary was played as an introduction

2000: Prize for the Hungarian Art

1980: Prize of the Young Master of Folk Art



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